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Become a virtual miner and become rich!

Mine Stones, Coal, Copper, Tin, Bronze, Iron, Silver, GOLD, Platinum, Amethyst, Topaz, Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, DIAMONDS and RED DIAMONDS.

As a brand new miner in the game, you will start off mining basic resources like Stone or Coal.

With each click of the mouse, your earnings and level will grow. With higher levels you will be able to obtain richer materials.

Want to increase your earnings?

It’s easy. Just invest some of your virtual currency for upgrades the game offers.
Each new upgrade opens countless possibilities to earn much more. Soon you'll be one of the richest virtual miners in the game!

If you have run out of energy, but you're not tired yet, buy more energy. The small investment you make can really increase your earnings for the day. Otherwise, just wait a few hours until your energy recharges.

Invite a friend to earn together

Invite all your friends to join you on the site. The more you invite, the bigger earnings you'll have!

All people that you will invite will get a bonus that will help them earn faster.

Virtual mining earns you real cash!

Turn your hard earned currency straight into real cash.

Minimal payout starts from $0.50 and we payout to Paypal and Bitcoin.

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